Send an email to Michele Harms to request a mailing address for submitting recertification packages.  You will be mailing the application sheet, your payment, and evidence for the RU’s you claim by first class mail.

The synchronization of two or more certifications has been simplified. The videotapes category of the recertification journal is now called electronic media.

DO NOT send originals of your evidence of attendance at courses or conferences.  Send copies (or photos of conference badges) you can make easily, since the evidence is not returned to you.

If you need a recertification journal, then you can download one from the ASQ website. You can also find detailed information regarding the recertification process on the ASQ website.


Yes you can. Just get a course completion certificate from your instructor at the end of the course and provide it as proof when updating your recertification journal.
Unfortunately our section is not accredited with IACET which administers which programs become certified. At this point in time our section has not applied for accreditation. The criteria found in the IACET guidelines is 10 hours of class time equals 1 CEU.
Recertification Journal Applications may be submitted between 6 months before and 6 months after the ‘recertify by’ date. Once past the 6-month grace period, the only recertification option is to recertify by exam. Example:
Earliest processing date: 01 Jul-2013
The ‘recertify by’ date: 31 Dec-2013
Last possible processing date: 30 June-2014
1. Application not signed: Unsigned applications cannot be processed. Signing the application is not the same as signing for a credit card payment
2. No date on application:
3. Inappropriate payment: Fees are subject to change. The fees printed on the Journal sent with your previous certificate may or may not be the most current. While incorrect payment will not stop or slow processing by the section, but it will slow down processing at ASQ in Milwaukee for the "resolutions" team to contact you for payment. Current fee information is available at:
4. People use staples: Please, no staples - paper clips make it much easier for the recertification process. All documentation is scanned to pdf for the back-up file prior to being transmitted to Milwaukee. Multi-functional printer-scanners jam on staples.
Most employer-sponsored classes and seminars are "Professional Development", whereas courses offered through a community college, UC Extension, or similar, would be "student courses." Double counting one activity for credit in two categories is not allowed.
Review the Journal for guidance regarding the required documentation and evidence. RU's claimed without the required supporting evidence cannot be accepted.
Note: regarding supporting documentation for seminars - it is not necessary to provide a copy of the full slide set used in the seminar presentation. (Really, some people have sent in 100+ slides!) It is sufficient to provide the title slide and agenda to show relevance to the ASQ Body of Knowledge, or your career field.
==> for paper copy.
Send via regular USPS mail. Contact the recertification chair via e-mail (link on this website) for the mailing address.
==> tip when sending paper copy
Do not send with a signature-upon-delivery requirement. The local post office is too far from the recertification chair's place of employment to make pick-up possible during normal working hours. Pickup at the local post office, Fedex, or USPS is an unacceptable burden for the recertification chair.
==> for e-copy submissions
Please send by e-mail via the pdf format. A single pdf file is ideal, but you may separate into two pdf files, if needed. (1: journal application, 2: evidence) Please do not send each page of the journal and evidence as separate pdf files.

Michele Harms
Recertification Chair

Please contact for additional information.