• Proof of payment for class
  • Pencil & paper or a laptop/tablet if you prefer
  • If you are an ASQ member, a current-dated ASQ membership ID – Valid ID(s): sites may require US citizens to provide a Driver’s License or a State-Issued ID; if you are not a US citizen you must bring 2 valid forms of identification (eg., passport, student ID, drivers license)

* Some classes may require additional materials, be sure to read the details in each class description and order any extra materials 2 weeks prior to your class

Current-dated ASQ Membership IDs, may be at the following link: http://asq.org/members/individual-member-card.html

*An ASQ membership ID with no dates does not qualify as “Current!”

Register online on the section website (preferred) or by email to Matt Berry at: berry.matthewr@gmail.com
You may purchase your primers through Quality Council of Indiana. Be sure to purchase your Primer 2 weeks before your class!
PayPal is our only form of payment; PayPal is safe, secure, fast, and reliable for both parties, and instantly provides a receipt for you and/or your business. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.
Students receive 0.1 RU per hour of class; therefore, 8 hours of classes yields 0.8 RU ASQ credits.

Course Instructors receive 0.15 RU per hour of class instruction.

There are no formal pre-requisites for taking the classes; however, there are pre-requisites for each certification. There is a list of suggested pre-requisites for each course listed on the course details page. There are no pre-requisites for taking the technical courses and most stand on their own; however, there are some subjects such as statistics that require knowledge of a supporting subject. For example to take Experimental Statistics without knowing Basic Probability or Inferential Statistics could be a waste of your money!
Course materials are the primers published by the Quality Council of Indiana. Please order your materials from the Quality Council of Indiana directly! The local section is not in the business of trying to compete with the big chain stores with regard to ordering, delivery, and warehousing of books. We simply can not do it. Students registering by phone will be referred to the Quality Council’s phone number, 812-533-4215. We are working on negotiating a section student discount. Please read the first 2 chapters before coming to the first class.
Instructor contact information is given on the website on the instructor biography page.
This is allowed and at no additional fee; however, the material coverage schedule varies by instructor so coordinate with your instructor so you are attending the session of interest.
We offer a fee reduction if you are taking our classes again; similarly, ASQ provides a discount for taking the test after failing. If you are recertifying, the test will be the full price.
No, you do not have to be a member to take the class. However, there are benefits associated with being a member.
Register online on the section website (preferred) or by email to Matt Berry at: berry.matthewr@gmail.com

If you would like to teach a class: please propose your class summary, your resume, a current picture, and your qualifications to the Course Coordinator.

To hold a class at your company, contact the Course Coordinator or the Education Chair.


Soly Paterson
Course Coordinator

Please contact for additional information.