Early Bird Registration: Register at least 14 days (2 weeks) prior to the class start date and automatically receive a 10% discount.

Current ASQ Membership: With a current-dated ASQ membership ID, not expired, you will automatically receive a 20% discount! (This discount can be combined with other discounts and you must show valid proof of a non-expired ID)

Group Registration: Contact the Course Coordinator, Soly Paterson, for group pricing.

Retakes: Persons that registered for this class a previous time it was held may be eligible for an 80% discount on the registration fee to retake the class. (Proof of previous class required) Enter Code: RETAKE

*If a code is entered and you cannot provide evidence the first day of class, you will not be able to attend the class until you pay the difference at Full Price!*

Quality Conference Sponsor: If you/your company is a sponsor for the 2014 Silicon Valley Quality Conference, special arrangements will be determined for your class discount.  Please contact the Education Chair.

Corporate Venue Host: If a class is being held at your company, special arrangements will be determined.  Please contact the Education Chair.


Soly Paterson
Course Coordinator

Please contact for additional information.