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Monthly Dinner Forum November 20, 2019,

Aircraft System Reliability & the challenge(s) of having flying cars”

In 2019, so far, 4.5 billion people have flown around the world with only 222 fatality (4.9 e -9) in total. We will review some aviation history, talk about what reliability in aviation means to engineers & how the system is designed to prevent failures. In addition, a Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) & breakdown failures for a Twin Engine Commercial Aircraft will be discussed when component in series & in parallel start to fail. Finally, we will discuss the aviation challenges that the flying cars need to deal with in future at all levels with respect to the lessons learned in aviation.

Mez Toofan holds a Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Mechanical engineering emphasized in component & subsystem quality & reliability.  Mez has been working as a Senior Reliability & Maintainability Engineer at BAE Systems for the past 12 years, where the next future combat vehicles are designed and manufactured. Prior to BAE, for 14 years, he worked as a Propulsion & Component Engineer at the United Airlines Maintenance division @ SFO. He was responsible for the Pratt & Whitney PW2000 & PW4000 Engines’ performance, which powered Boeing 757-200s, B747-400s & B767-ERs. Mez was, also, a pilot for the Aux. US Air Force Search & Rescue, California Air Patrol in the mid-1990s.

New Schedule!

ASQ SV and ITU Panel on Artificial Intelligence January 23, 2020 at ITU!

Integrating Quality into Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Innovation & You – how will you be impacted by AI?

Experts on Artificial Intelligence Theory & Practice will share their experience at the ITU Auditorium. Panelists include Dr. Ming-Hwa Wang & Mr. Arjit Das, professors at ITU and  industry expert Jeetu Lakhotia, CEO and founder of Locus and other AI Experts! The panel Moderator is Indra Desai.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a “new normal” for our world today. It has been featured on Frontline, taught in schools, used on the factory floors, search engines and online shopping. In our world of massive data, AI recognizes patterns from vast amounts of data providing insights, predicting outcomes, and making complex decisions. It can also lead to fake news and political complications.

Our panelists will discuss and share their theories and experiences in AI and take audience questions after their presentation.

Please join us Tuesday evening, January 23, 2020 at ITU, 5:30 to 8pm, 2711 N First Street, San Jose. The evening will begin and end with networking and refreshments.

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Praveen Gupta | ASQ Fellow        

From the Section Chair    

We had a great Silicon Valley Quality Conference!!! Great speakers and awesome audience.

The Silicon Valley Quality Conference had 20+ speakers, about 150 attendees, and was held at a great location, Marriott Fremont.

Topics ranged in Medical Devices, Autonomous/AI/ML, Operational Excellence, Manufacturing, Quality Leadership, and ASQ Transformation. We thank our speakers from the bottom of our heart and appreciate people who took the time to learn more about quality tools and their alignment with emerging technologies. This was a great beginning and we plan to pursue it to its purpose.

Special thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors SMTC Corp, Spectrum Lithograph, Larson Packaging, Montez Group, GetKaizened and RDQC.

Special thanks to the ASQ Section 0613 Leadership Team, and volunteers. We are in the process of forming our new team and seek new volunteers. Please reach out.

Happy Holidays!
Praveen Gupta
Dir of Quality, Stephen Gould Corp
Member 1984
ASQ Fellow 1996

ASQ Silicon Valley Education Program 

Recertification and Education Program Chair – Michele Harms!

Education Program Description

The ASQ Silicon Valley (ASQ SV) Education Program, was initiated in 1997 to support the education and training needs of those interested in quality.  The curriculum provides training in areas covering ASQ certification preparation, ISO Standards, Regulatory requirements, statistical topics and many related areas of quality. The Program is managed and administrated by the Education Committee under the direction of the Education Chair. It includes several methods of classes: classical face to face, web-based/online, and courses customized for specific organizations.

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