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On the 3nd Wednesday of each month, we invite you to join us for dinner to engage with a local quality practitioner at the Biltmore HotelView previous dinner presentations: navigate to the top tool bar, click on “RESOURCES” > “DOCUMENTS” (Documents for Members) > “Dinner Meeting Presentations”, select year, then month.

Innovation Quality for the 21st Century

Dr. Jim Harrington

Innovation is the in thing in profit and nonprofit organizations, commercial and private organizations, and in all levels of government. We will discuss how innovative the quality professional has been and define some of the improvement opportunities that faces the quality profession. It’s a matter of adding value or getting out of the way.

The purpose of my lecture will be to stimulate the desire to apply innovation to the quality methodologies. Is it time to subcontract our quality activities to companies that this is their core competency? Radical I didn’t I admit but we need something radical to justify our existence.

  • September Meeting – To be announced

Please contact the Programs Chair if you would like to be a speaker.

Quality And Risk Management
Quality And Risk Management
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