The ASQ Silicon Valley Statistics and Reliability Discussion Group cordially invites you to attend an outstanding FREE presentation.

TOPIC:  Reliability Panel Discussion (Bring your questions)

SPEAKERS:  Mr. Georgios  Sarakakis, Dr. Dave Trindade, Dr. Reza Azarkhail

OBJECTIVE:   We offer you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss reliability problems with leading experts in the field.  Bring your questions and/or problems for us to discuss.  The panel will try to answer the audience’s questions or provide suggestions where they might find the answers.

1. Is there a bathtub curve in the house?

2. Is the MTBF all I need to worry about?

3. How many units should I put on test and for how long?

4. What are latent reliability failures?

5. What is FMEA?

6. What are D-FMEA, P-FMEA, M-FMEA, S-FMEA, and A-FMEA?

7. Does the MTBF mean that 50% of the units will fail before the MTBF?

8. Who was Weibull and why do they keep mentioning his name?

9. What are two and three parameter Weibull distributions?

10. What is infant mortality?

11. Is Mil Std 217E still a good source of component failure rates?

12. Are there other sources of component reliability estimates?

13. What are some problems with reliability estimation?

14. What are HALT and HASS? I think I met these guys in Germany.

15. Can I make life predictions from HALT data? How about half-life?

16. What is censored data?

17. Is testing 1 unit for a 100 hrs the same as 100 units for 1 hr?

18. How do you do reliability statistics with renewals (replacements) and repair processes with missing data caused by database software?

19. Reliability statistics for multivariate dependent degradation?

20. How do you trade reliability and uncertainty about reliability?

21. Reliability costs money and so does reducing uncertainty about reliability.

22. The Consumer Bill of Rights includes the right to information about product reliability.

23. How do you get that information? Especially when the producer doesn’t even know their own products’ reliability?

24. Is reliability estimation of any real value?

25. What are end of life failures?

26. Why are manufacturers and suppliers unwilling to share field reliability statistics (P[Life > t] and its sample uncertainty, question 20) with their customers?

27. Do manufacturers and suppliers even know their field reliability?

28. Generally accepted accounting principles require statistically sufficient data (ships and returns counts).

29. Your questions.

6:00 to 6:30 pm Introductions and Networking
6:30 to 7:30 pm Presentation
7:30 to 8:00 pm Question and Answer Session

Applied Materials
Bowers Cafe (aka Campus Cafe)                           
3050 Bowers Ave.
Santa Clara, CA. 95054

The presenter is a volunteer and typically from one of the Bay Area companies.  We make every effort to provide speakers that are recognized experts in their field. Discussion meetings are a great opportunity to network and make new friends.

Participation is FREE, so please join us for an interesting and rewarding experience.