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ASQ Silicon Valley Section is celebrating over 50 years of partnering in quality!  – since 1965

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ASQ Silicon Valley Section

Monthly Dinner Forum June 15,

“Perspectives on Quality in Talent Management

Speaker: Dr. Arthur Jue

Arthur JueDr. Arthur Jue is an educator, executive, and social entrepreneur. He has extensive  experience  in  talent  management,  organization  development, and technology leadership at companies such as Oracle, IBM, Hyperion, Tectura,  and  Twilio.  In  addition,  he  has  served  on  numerous  financial services,  academic,  and  non-profit  boards,  including  the  Institute  of Behavioral  and  Applied  Management,  among  others.  Arthur  holds  a doctor of management in organizational leadership  and  an M.B.A.  with emphasis in technology management. He earned a B.S. in marketing with a music minor. In addition, he has participated in executive programs at the  London  Business  School,  Harvard,  and  Oxford.  He  is  currently serving on the editorial board of the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion and is a Berrett-Koehler editorial reviewer. Dr. Jue publishes broadly on leadership, HR, technology, and entrepreneurship. He has also coauthored  a  number  of  books,  such  as  Social  Media  at  Work:  How Networking  Tools  Propel  Organizational  Performance.  He  currently teaches at the graduate level and is a former missionary in New Zealand. In his spare time, he enjoys filmmaking, rock-collecting, art, playing the violin, and leading an alternative biofuel development effort in the South Pacific.

Speaker: Mrs. Soly Paterson
SolySoly Paterson has over 18 years business experience.  Not only does she have practical manufacturing experience, but have taught business and engineering subjects at the graduate level.  As Quality Systems Engineer, Training Coordinator and Project Manager in Silicon Valley companies in aerospace, medical device, SSD/ flash memory and other industries,  Soly has led, implemented and maintained process improvement Organizational Teamwork initiatives.  Soly travelled extensively Internationally and the United States.  She has a Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology from San Jose State University and Certificate of Project Management from UC Santa Cruz  Soly is past chair-person for ASQ Silicon Valley Section 613.


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Section leaders at the January 20 Dinner Forum

ASQ Silicon Valley Education Program – Call for Candidates for Education Chair 

Program Description

The ASQ Silicon Valley (ASQ SV) Education Program, was initiated in 1997 to support the education and training needs of those interested in quality.  The curriculum provides training in areas covering ASQ certification preparation, ISO Standards, Regulatory requirements, statistical topics and many related areas of quality. The Program is managed and administrated by the Education Committee under the direction of the Education Chair. It includes several methods of classes: classical face to face, web-based/online, and courses customized for specific organizations.

Education Chair Responsibility Summary

The Education Chair is a volunteer and a member of the ASQ SV Leadership Committee (LC) and leads the Education Committee, which has executive authority over the training program within the guidelines set by Education Program Guide.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Chairing the monthly Education Committee meetings
  • Providing the Annual report on the Education Program and on the Instructor ratings
  • Managing the Course Coordinator and Education Program
  • Participation on the ASQ SV LC

Interested candidates may apply with a resume detailing their qualifications to the ASQ SV Chair at

Details and Registration